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last day of the project - for now


So today was the last day of the nine-month project. I'll return to these drawings and reflections over the next few months, as I figure out what I've discovered in this process, but this will be the last of the daily updates for a while.

Five people met my daughter and me at the fountain entrance to the museums. John Morris came by to say hello, but needed to go open the Digging Pitt gallery, and so couldn't stay and draw with us. Likewise, Jordan Crosby also had other work commitments, but Christina and Stacie and Angele were able to stay. We explored the Carneval! show for a while. Christina drew, Stacie wrote a letter about what we were doing, and Angele responded to our surroundings with poetry. Stacie's letter has been sent to a niece in France, Angele promises to send me the text of the poem about Elvis and Pierrot in Brazil, and here are a couple of the sketches Christina made.



We had a great time looking at things together, and then went out for a lunch in the neighborhood.


Angele sent along a copy of her poem.

Carneval Elvis

Angele Ellis

Among the glittering costumes of Carneval,
Late Elvis as Pierrot, the sad, moonstruck clown.
His jumpsuit sprouts ruffles of magic mushrooms,
his cape flows like hair into a silver train --
the man with the unstrung Styrofoam guitar.

With no way to lure her from the Underworld,
he improvises commedia dell’arte on the Strip,
plays for the cheap eternal glamour of the lights.
Carneval Elvis has lost his voice, but he mimes
Are you lonely tonight? Are you lonely tonight?
calling in all the bets of the strays, lucky streaks
that tail like comets into the Chapel of Love.




Congratulations on completing a marvelous project that demonstrates your ingenuity and creative stamina.

I'm honored to have "Carneval Elvis" at the end of this journey.


Posted by: Angele Ellis at July 2, 2007 09:19 AM
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