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I think of this gent as a companion or counterpoint to the Presepio angel I drew a few days ago. He is in a diorama elsewhere, and I suspect he was modeled on someone's graduate advisor in archaeology. Love the detail provided, from the number two pencil and clipboard to the slightly gaping pocket in the red and blue plaid pants. (Wouldn't he look nice as one of the smaller, distant figures in the Presepio? I think he is an Americanist, though.)

Extra credit if you know where to find him...



When my daughter was four, we visited the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

We looked at the dioramas with animals in "lifelike" positions, and talked about how those animals used to be alive, but now we are just looking at their skins.

I bet you are guessing the punchline -- we came across a diorama with an anthropologist, and she told me very seriously that he used to be alive, but....


Well, no, dear, we don't usually do that with people, in our culture. :-)

Posted by: Vicki in Michigan at November 30, 2006 07:07 AM
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