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water fountain


The water fountain in the first floor hallway has elaborate piping to allow filling cups or bottles as well as the regular spout for drinking. Adorned with carvings: a winged face, serpent-like fish, and seashells, and plenty of fluting, it is set in a marble niche and an elegant place to stop for a drink. Two people did just that while I was drawing, and when I finished the sketch I was thirsty myself. The water was cool.



This project fascinates me!!! Do you actually take the bus to and from the museum locations everyday? Do you have to go to this area for any other reason, or do you go and spend just time enough to get your sketches and then go home again?
I love this waterfountain sketch, by the way. I am really enjoying all of them.

Posted by: Catherine at November 3, 2006 10:24 AM

Thanks. I go to the museums by bus every day after work if at all possible - occasionally illness or family commitments mean I draw in response to the museums from home, rather than at the museums in person. (I am called for jury duty in two weeks - it is possible that the civic commitment may require me to draw about the museums from home if I can't be at the museums during the hours they are open.) I describe the project as "drawing and posting in response to the museums every day they are open" so that I can keep my commitment going at a distance if I have to - even if it is a stretch.

To answer your second question, my daily path would not otherwise take me to the Oakland neighborhood where the museums are. The museums are my destination. Some days I go, sketch, and leave right away. On other days I wander around and look at exhibits for some time - either before I stop to sketch or afterwards. I rarely have a subject picked out ahead of time, so I just sketch what ever intrigues me on a given day. I am having a wonderful time.

Thanks so much for your questions!

Posted by: Elizabeth at November 3, 2006 11:57 AM
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