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This oryx skull is wired to the wall in the Discovery Room. The holiday week crowds are daunting - I am not used to sharing gallery space with so many people at once. I'm pleased that so many come, but find it harder to sit still and focus - I have good conversations about drawing with passersby, though, and that makes up for lots of bother.



especially nice to find this (from Artists Mag website link) on a day I (a senior with cancer held at bay) needed a light touch and a true inspiration to get painting. I am in birmingham al and perhaps for christmas i can get there to look at (maybe sketch?) things from the pompeii exhibit (probably last time in this country, and only in chi., birm. and houston) - we have it here til sometime in jan 08.
Thank you for just what is needed to brighten the lightbulb! Great sketching, good art, good art. peggy 11/30/2007

Posted by: peggy riedel at November 30, 2007 11:24 AM
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